To Buy or not to Buy...depending on the review...

Over the last few weeks I've been looking at the relevance of people writing reviews for my book. Does it matter or not? Well actually it matters a great deal. Not only does it help you move up the rankings in the Amazon charts but it also tells the writer what you think about the book, whether it's any good or not.

And each review enables other shoppers to get a good understanding of what the book is really like. People are using these reviews as a 'quality assurance' or 'word of mouth' recommendation on any of the products they are buying.

A recent poll said 79% of people who use amazon trust the reviews on the products. And many people will search Amazon to find reviews before they buy the product even if they are buying it elsewhere.

So, the more reviews you have the more visible Amazon makes your book and up it goes...

However, here's something I learned recently....You need to be aware that when you're asking friends and family to support you by buying and then reviewing the book to help boost rankings, make sure they don't have your address in their Amazon account. 'Friends and family' are not allowed to give you 5 Star reviews. So they might go and review it but it never shows up. That's because the Amazon gremlins can see a connection between you and the other person. It's a pain but it's the rules, even if they genuinely loved it they are not allowed to post their review...!

It’s a total minefield of understanding and knowledge to get yourself and your book out there. A never ending cycle of new discoveries through publicising and doing social media.

If only we had a magic wand to do it all for us…! But the best thing about all this hard work is when you see a new review on Amazon telling you how much they or their kids enjoyed it. That is the best feeling in the world....

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