The art of not knowing where to put your comma...

'Being a writer' is not as easy as it might seem. Well actually, the creative bit now seems like a breeze but what needs to go into this self publishing business, is something else! Now I’m understanding why having an agent and publisher would be better. I'm guessing they do all the fiddly bits after the book has been written, including all the technical stuff that no-one really wants to do - or is that just me?

So what I've been finding out is that when you haven’t studied English for quite a few years, and when I say ‘a few years’ I’d like to imagine it’s only been about 10. But in truth, if you add a couple of decades onto that number then that would be a little closer to the actual time frame. Yes, it’s a long time since I learned anything about punctuation and grammar and I’m quickly realising I have forgotten most of it.

For example, the need to know if after speech marks is it a comma or full stop followed by small letter or capital… “Well who knows?” She thought to herself… Or is it, ‘she thought to herself’? It’s is all very complicated. But that’s why we have proof readers, right? Yes and no…because in my case, having it proof read and handed back to me is not always a good idea. I have a tendency to start rewriting the whole thing again….! And then I’m back to square one…! “Another proof read anyone...?”

And then, when finally, you really think you’ve finished proofing it, you get to a point and think, “I’ll just release it and no-one will notice…!”

Then someone says to you…!

“Hey, that’s not correct grammar.”

“What?” I say exclamation exclamation!!!!

“It is in my head! So, what’s wrong with it?” she said or She said…?

To be honest it’s a pain the rear…! But with the help and advice of friends I will eventually get there. And that includes spelling mistakes, missing words, commas galore and all that grammatical nonsense that comes with it…! Let’s put it this way, self-publishing is not as easy as it might seem, but I’m learning fast.

So, having checked the book one more time and uploaded it to Amazon, I'm sending sincere apologies to all those people who have already bought a copy of Luna Lightforce and The Tree of Life. Yes, there were/are errors and you will have either spotted them, tutted and rolled your eyes! Or if like me, never noticed in the first place and read the whole thing without hesitation. Whichever it is, you now have a bonus of having purchased a ‘first edition’ which may be worth a fortune in years to come…who knows? So, why not keep it neat and tidy, you never know when a few mistakes could turn out to be the right thing in the end…

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