Book Reviews

I loved Luna and her magical journey ...the sign of a good author is when you’re in there, with the characters and when I had to put it down it was a shock to realise it was a story that had been written. I’ve given it to my 10 year old nephew to see what his reactions are. Looking forward to book 2.


Really a joy to read it, 5 stars without doubt. The gentleness in this quick paced book, together with all the messages cleverly woven into it, really created a magical and beautiful story with a genius plot. Well done Miss Jo Wynn, waiting for book 2 now!

LSN, Denmark

A magical tale for all ages to enjoy! Thoroughly recommended!

Fran Hemmingray, UK

What a magical story, I loved it and although above the age bracket I have recommended it to friends and colleagues who have children and grandchildren. It's a beautiful and captivating magical journey of an 8 year old girl Luna. I loved every page of it. Eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. Highly recommended! Thank you Miss Jo Wynn for a most lovely book! Perfect for Christmas too!


Loved this book which is a great read for children and adults too!
The storyline builds steadily with very interesting characters and some great ideas to ponder. Then the final third just whizzes along as you get swept up in the excitement of finding out what happens - I couldn't put it down!
Already looking forward to the next Luna Lightforce story...


A fast-paced adventure, wrapped in an utterly charming package, with surprising truths and insights dotted along the way!

Erin Starre, UK

What a fantastic read and a brilliant debut novel, I loved it. I challenge anyone not to read it in one go and there are lots of wonderful insights in there for everybody. Looking forward to Luna Lightforce's next adventure....Don't want to give too much away, just read it!

Yules007, UK

Well, what can I say, twists, turns, mystical messages, mystery, joy and a feeling of being uplifted. It doesn’t disappoint and the whole family loved it! The fabulous cover echoed the content. A rare gem. Magical. The ending…phew! We’re hoping for book two!

Happy Reader,

Totally loved this book! A crazy, fun, magical story filled with adventure that kept me turning the pages wanting more. Jo captured my imagination and took me on a wonderful journey! Thank you for writing this book with so much heart Jo, I can't wait for the next one!

Katie Webber, Australia 

Amazed that this is Jo’s first book. I may not be in the age range unless we are counting backwards but it was so enjoyable and was sad when I finished it. So the best way I thought to relive Luna’s magical adventure was to read it with my grandson. He is loving it. Even over Lego. It just captured his imagination and more. Looking forward to more adventures. Certainly solved a lot of Christmas gift problems. Can’t recommend it enough.

FW Bamber, UK