Luna Lightforce Adventures by Jo Wynn
Luna Lightforce and The Tree of Life


Eight year old Luna Lightforce is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary name. Little does Luna know that her life is about to take an unusual turn of events. When the magical door in the tree at the bottom of the garden suddenly opens, she sets off on her first big adventure.

She suddenly finds herself in the Kingdom of the Fairies, who stand guard over the Tree of Life. But their world is dying. The Tree, the source of all life, is being destroyed. Precious spheres have been taken. Stolen in broad daylight. Plucked in a random act of greed. Taken from the Tree of Life when no-one was looking. Hidden away in time and space. Used for powerful gains by dark forces. They need to be found and brought home.


Luna must find a way into the Golden Temple where secrets are hidden within the walls. The King of the Temple is ready to do battle with anyone who threatens his world. But the real power lurks within the sinister voice Luna hears in her dreams. She must face her deepest fear and seek within to find the truth. She has to locate one of the spheres and return it to her friends before it is too late.


She has to succeed. It is her destiny. And time is running out in a place where time does not exist.

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